January 3, 2022

7 Facts you need to know before you buy the iPhone 13

iPhone 13

When you compare the look of the iPhone 13 with iPhone 12, they assimilate in the sense of shape at the very first sight, but at the time of the performance, you will feel a quite difference between both. Where antecedents were lacking, iPhone 13 is more advanced to show its astounding performance. The display has obtained a shiny glance, and the battery is powerful. Even with non-pro smartphone camera sensor updates, computational photography beautifies the user’s experience. Processing chip, A15 Bionic (fastest chip) become a matter of smooth and fast operations. The cinematic mode has added more into the video and photo features. Field depth can be seen while autofocus shifting occurs in videos, altering the photographic styles.

Flaws are also part of flagship mobile phones, the same as this regular iPhone 13. The absence of telephoto zoom and 120HZ display is present in this list. You will also observe relatively slow charging compared to Android smartphones. However, this smart device is the best for money value.

1-iPhone 13 Display

iPhone 13 Display
  • Enhanced display brightness restrain sunlight to distract
  • Fantastic color schemes and contrasts.

iPhone 13 presents a display in a brighter preface. This brightness doesn’t mean illuminating a room with light; instead, it contains reading experience good even in sunlight. It possesses a great OLED display panel but missing 120HZ property. The XDR Super Retina Display recorded 28% brighter than iPhone 12. The difference of 200 nits is also measured, 800 nits in this device and 600 nits in the previous device. 


You can realize this by holding the stellar display quality for the user. Every single aspect of the scene is eminently visible to the spectator. Lab tests resulted in iPhone 13 score in brightness 795 nits, which is comparatively above that of iPhone 12, scoring 569 nits and Galaxy S21 with 702 nits. The DCI-P3 color gamut score registered for iPhone 13 is 78.1%, iPhone 12 got 81.1%, and Samsung Galaxy S21 reached 77.4%. When test converted with Srgg color gamut, iPhone 13 attained 110.2%, iPhone 12 scored 114.5%, and Galaxy S21 retained 109.2%.

Accuracy for iPhone 13 panel color is also marvelous. Delta E scores are 0.26, which is lower but better than iPhone 12 and Galaxy S21 gain 0.29.

2-iPhone 13 Cameras Quality

iPhone 13 Cameras Quality
  • Shot best scenes with creative camera
  • Color and Brightness advancements above Samsung 
  • Night mode seems improved than before 
  • The ultra-wide camera delivers brilliant

You may feel ostentatious cameras placement by Apple, but that’s just not it. There is something extra than it seems. The developed camera system offers extended glamour, 47% more brightness is there when a scene is captured through the wide-camera angle, and this illumination is more significant than from iPhone 12. The large camera made it possible to get luminous photography.

If you want to capture four times more scene than your predecessors, iPhone 13 ultra-wide camera let it happen for you. The latest sensor captures at low noised scenes with astonishing low-light performance. 

3-iPhone 13 Color Variation & Design

iPhone 13 Color Variation & Design
  • Immersive display with a smaller notch
  • Placement of buttons is shortly distinct 
  • Ultimate colors are pink and blue

You can analyze the two general changes for iPhone 13. At first, the position of cameras has been changed to diagonal rather than being old as vertical.

iPhone 13

In the second part, the notch size was shrunk up to 20%, enabling the display to be more effective than before. Face I.D is still there, ushered from iPhone x.

Day-to-day usage may not receive any extra benefit with having a smaller notch on iPhone 13, but when you turn to watch movies or videos in landscape mode, you will find no distraction. 

Portrait mode for using apps in the white background provides a zero hesitation of a notch. On iPhone, the notch tends to be declining when it becomes constricted.

Button position altered as compared to iPhone 12. The power button is slighter down on the right side, which happens for the left side volume buttons.However, a protective ceramic shield display, sustainable glass, and sleek edges are thereby iPhone 13.  

It does miss the Touch I.D expected by many because Face I.D was not operating well when wearing face masks. That’s why Touch I.D was on the wish list by iPhone lovers. Display sensor i.d felt old as offered by several android smartphone companies. Touch i.d sensor can be placed in power button as done in iPad mini 6. Water-resistance IP68 was found to keep users confident in any mishap. 

An issue was noticed in unlocking iPhone 13 by Apple Watch. Authority disclosed their acceptance and guaranteed the solution in the coming time. Five color shades offered by Apple for its iPhone 13 model combining, blue, midnight, starlight, pink, and red.

4-iPhone 13 Video Quality

  • Focus transition on subjects in Cinematic Mode
  • Phenomenal shoot with Dolby Vision HDR
iPhone 13 Video Quality

New video feature naming cinematic mode allows you to assimilate yourself as the director when you shoot videos. Extra depth-of-field is awarded to the footage you are dealing with and let the autofocus hit the subject according to variation in the scene.

iPhone 13 Video Quality

When a new subject enters the scene and interacts, the cinematic mode foresees it, and automatically shifts the focus towards that subject. If you love to capture the scenes in movie styles, you can effortlessly do it now. 

iPhone 13 Video Quality

After taking shots, you can even adjust depth-effect in a quite timeless attempt. That will enhance the user’s experience in shooting movie scenes with simple taps and swipes. You may find some pro movie cameras that cannot do the same.  

5-iPhone 13 Raised Battery and Charging Capacity

iPhone 13 Raised Battery and Charging Capacity
  • 1.5 hour More Battery Life than iPhone 13 Mini
  • Extra 2 hours than iPhone 12 
  • 13-15 Hours battery Timing

According to Apple, the battery timing of the iPhone 13 is 1.5 hours expended than iPhone 12. The bigger battery is lasting for the non-stop users, provides them a powerful feeling of companionship. 

Our test unveiled slightly different results by doing web searches on 5G with the cellular network. The battery lasted almost 10 hours and 33 minutes, which found 2 hours longer battery life than iPhone 12, having 8:25 duration. 

You can say it is a misfortune that iPhone 13 is not providing fast charging same as in the past. Apple’s 20W charger with the new iPhone offers 51% capacity in almost 30 minutes. On the other side, phones from the Android list give an extra swift charging speed compared to the iPhone side, but its wireless charger obtained the attraction of buyers at it seems safe from their view. 

6-iPhone 13 A15 Bionic and Smooth Performance

iPhone 13
  • Speed Booster A15 Bionic Chip
  • Excellent Machine Learning Performance

The Apple iPhone 13 series holds an A15 Bionic chipset, making it the world's fastest processing smart device. It is the latest approach by Apple to develop such a powerful chipset to assist the operations done perfectly. According to Apple, the CPU is working 50% faster and GPU 30% faster than the current competition. 

You cannot deny Apple's new dominating chipset even you do not know the exact awareness of the claims made by Apple. Its prevailing rumors haven't proved significantly different performance levels to iPhone 12 or Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra. Instead, this update is majorly for those stuck at iPhone 8.iPhone 13 can launch apps within no time and can switch through them in a limited duration to load.

If you talk about gaming breeze, uploading titles seem very quick as it happens on iPads. OLED display provides the game a fantastic look, especially upgrades in GPU performance is exceptionally perceptible. 

When we tested the phone with Geekbench 5, its average multi-core score was 4688. On the other side, iPhone 12 scored in the same test 3968, and Samsung Galaxy S21 achieved 3367 scores.Having 4GB RAM for the A15 Bionic chipset is quite compatible for any operation with full sway. It doesn't need any extra RAM to make its A15 Bionic agreeable.  

Apple's storage options for this handset are 12GB, 256GB, and 512GB. It mainly depends on your plans, if you load it with media files, then our recommendations are to choose from 256GB or 512GB options. Selecting 12GB is not a bad option because with the iCloud facility, and the load will get shared. 5G is available in iPhone 13 series. It's denoting as ready for prospects. Maybe 5G network access is not accessible at every place, but when it is done, you will be able to take its maximum usage because iPhone 13 is a suitable carrier of 5G network.

7-iPhone 13 iOS 15

iPhone 13
  • Impressive Shareplay Feature to Share with BuddiesFocus Distraction Managing Feature

The shared experience presented some welcome improvements by ios 15 for iPhone. Developments in the audio and cleaner interface have been done through FaceTime. Updates regarding the future will enable you to enjoy music, movies, and TV shows with your beloved ones, family, and friends. Messages app tends to render shared pictures from your section, articles, and other data for safe tracking what your friends send towards you. 

ios15's new Focus feature is commendable, restraining unnecessary notifications instead of those you are explicitly doing for the information. Notifications reach you after a filtration process that does not distract your work concentration. 

Safari redesigned from ios15 highlights, complete-featured weather app, and enhanced map with detailed road views. Google Lens is removed by Live Text when you go for things to look up or get translated by the camera in real-time.  

Apple denoted a call bug in ios 15 that disturbed the iPhone 12 and 13 users and introduced a fix for this in ios 15.1.1. So it would be best if you go for the update as soon as possible.

Issues in iPhone 13

One issue that the users identify is that they cannot unlock it by using apple watch. Apple has recognized the problem and will launch the solution in the coming days. The second issue is missing touch response in some cases, which might be of ios 15 sides. 
An error is also reported from the 13 Pros side: the camera is switching between lenses without any command and notification. Apple is on the way to deploying the solution of this. Some apps are not working with Promotion display at 120 Hz refresh rate, and Apple will rectify this problem very soon in an update.

Careful Verdict

iPhone 13 shows development over past iPhone models, and those past iPhones were also proved the best mobile phones for most users. iPhone 12 is not on a complete downside than iPhone 13, instead there are some updates i.e, battery and camera. The longer battery of this new update appeals a lot to me, and this could be a better choice for those holding iPhone 11. 

Some people may consider the smaller notch of the iPhone 13, but specifically, its low light camera performance, cinematic mode, and powerful A15 Bionic chip are the genuine reasons to migrate on it.

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